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Climate change has risen up to be one of the most detrimental issues humanity faces in the 21th century. Climate change is the long term shifts in temperature and weather patterns, brought about by global warming, the general rise of Earth’s surface due to the trapping of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

The issue of climate change is largely with contribution from fossil fuels and other pollutant human activities. Much of human activity demands heavily for processes that spew out greenhouse emissions as a byproduct. Nationally in the United States, household consumption accounts for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions when including the burning of fossil fuels to provide for electricity use, heat, cooling, and other maintenance of homes. In that regard, household reliance on such processes continues to have a significant influence on the issue of climate change.

EcoPowerHaven is a small organization dedicated to providing homeowners with compiled information to combat climate change and implement major or even small changes in life to ensure a green, yet equally comfortable lifestyle.


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